About Us

Who we are

WF Energy Controls was founded in Sydney 1910 as Warburton Franki. In the Energy Management sector, WF Energy Controls, focuses on products that measure, monitor, control and connect. Our product range includes Current Transformers, Timers & Time Switches, MDIs & Meters. WF Energy Controls has an enviable reputation as an industry leader in the manufacture of all types of Current Transformers, particularly metering types, used throughout Australia by the Electrical Distribution Businesses. We are uniquely placed within Australia with our NATA Accredited test laboratory.

Quality, accuracy and verification ensures that our metering current transformers are approved for use in the Australian Energy Market (AEM). Electricity retailers can be confident that they are meeting the AEM Rules when they choose to install WF Energy Controls metering current transformers in the contestable marketplace.

Similarly our range of heavy-duty load control time switches provides solutions whenever energy management is required. Our pole mounted and kiosk distribution transformer thermal maximum demand indicators are widely used by the Electrical Distribution Businesses to monitor electrical loads, providing valuable data on peak loads at the street level.

More recently WF Energy Controls has diversified with its range of Transformer Monitoring devices for both Kiosk and pole top applications. Whether our products are manufactured here, or imported for distribution, WF Energy Controls operates a stringent quality system in conformance with its ISO AS/NZS 9001 quality system accreditation. WF Energy Controls’ with over 100 (add) years of service to Australian and International businesses and the extensive experience of our personnel provide us with an impressive track record to offer a range of specialist product solutions.



Our People

Today's business environment demands a cross section of management, technical, and analytically skilled personnel with the ability to apply new technologies.

Our clients have access to our skilled resources and a diverse array of skills, competencies and experience. The depth and retention of a loyal and committed skill base is a feature of the WF Energy Controls’ resource in which we are justifiably proud.

To recruit and retain the best professional in the business, WF Energy Controls implement a focused approach to overall employee training and development. A variety of programs provide our employees with the skills, knowledge, mentoring and the environment to succeed in the workplace.

An experienced team of product, operations, sales managers and administrators support the successful manufacture and delivery of our products.

As one of the largest manufacturers of LV current transformers in Australia, WF Energy Controls can design and manufacture to client specifications to meet any Australian or International standard.

All types of current transformers are manufactured at our factory in Rydalmere, Sydney, Australia.


Types include:


We have more than 3,000 LV CT designs available, and can supply both 1A and 5A secondary’s for primary currents up to 3000A. WF Energy Controls has an enviable reputation as the industry leader in the manufacture of metering current transformers in Australia, where they are used throughout the nation by the Electrical Distribution Businesses. We are uniquely placed within Australia with our NATA Accredited test laboratory. 

Quality, accuracy and verification ensures that our metering current transformers are approved for use in the Australian Energy Market (AEM).

Our metering CTs are ideally suited to the contestible (contestable) metering market, where co-generation by solar or any other means requires accurate metering for import / export or submetering requirements.

Browse our Catalogue Data sheets for more information on application, types, forms, construction, ratios and class acuracy (accuracy) at a range of burdens (load VA ratings). Contact us for further information or to explore special designs to suit your application. Contact our sales team for information on pricing and delivery throughout Australia.