Current Transformers

As one of the largest manufacturers of LV current transformers in Australia, WF Energy Controls can design and manufacture to client specifications to meet any Australian or International standard.

All types of current transformers are manufactured at our factory in Rydalmere, Sydney, Australia.

Types include:  


We have more than 3,000 LV CT designs available, and can supply both 1A and 5A secondary's for primary currents up to 3000A. WF Energy Controls has an enviable reputation as the industry leader in the manufacture of metering current transformers in Australia, where they are used throughout the nation by the Electrical Distribution Businesses. We are uniquely placed within Australia with our NATA registered test laboratory. Quality, accuracy and verification ensures that our metering current transformers are approved for use in the Australian Energy Market (AEM).


Our metering CTs are ideally suited to the contestable metering market, where co-generation by solar or any other means requires accurate metering for import / export or submetering requirements.


Browse our Catalogue Data sheets for more information on application, types, forms, construction, ratios and class accuracy at a range of burdens (load VA ratings). Contact us for further information or to explore special designs to suit your application. Contact our sales team for information on pricing and delivery throughout Australia.


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