AM10 Transformer Monitor

Transformer Monitoring made easy

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WF Energy Controls, celebrating over 100 years manufacturing in Australia is still providing high quality and accuracy monitoring solutions to Utilities.

As energy consumption grows and becomes more complex, utilities are under greater pressure to: ensure network availability/reliability, warrant power quality, measure network load profiles to demonstrate credible capacity planning, and achieve distribution efficiency before adding new capacity (or generation).


WF Energy Controls has developed an affordable and expandable Asset / Power Quality monitoring system the AM10 consisting of:


The AM10 is a reliable and easy solution to monitor in the field power quality. Each monitor has its own communications unit. Remote GUI-based Meter Data Management software: configures; updates; and downloads data from monitoring devices. It also calculates data; produces reports and graphs; and exports data to network software. Installation software configures devices for deployment.

Monitoring parameters include; Frequency, Voltage, sag and Swell, Phase voltage unbalance, Total harmonic distortion, Power: Watts, VAr, VA and Power Factor. Displays live, Minimum and Maximum values over user set period.

Software specifically developed for applications of storing and modifying programming configuration settings, Diagnostics, emergency data retrieval in the field, streaming Transformer monitoring parameters and One-click synchronisation with Master data base (data and settings) Operating system is compatible with XP and Windows 7. Easy to use windows based system. One installation application for up to 10,000+ devices. Data export to CSV, XML files, ODBC and SQL. Overlay mapping system for ease of asset location and use of co-ordinates is possible.

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