Pole Top Transformer Monitor

As technology advances and network capabilities increase, we’ve seen a great deal of change in the technology that utilities can use to monitor their electrical networks. Now, utilities have access to data that allows them to be proactive rather than reactive to their ever changing requirements.




The most recent iteration of the AM10, the PAM10 (pole asset manager) is a pole top mounted transformer monitoring device, especially developed for pole top applications, housed in an IP65 slim line discreet enclosure. 

The PAM10 has rogowski or CT input, with 3G and Wi-Fi communications and voltage input directly or via voltage transformer. The device measures, monitors and records voltage, current, frequency, harmonics, THD, power, power factor, phase angle, voltage unbalances, transformer and ambient temperature and more. This device is due for release in June 2016 and utilizes the same RPMS management software also available from WF Energy Controls. 

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